After 3 stunning hackathons in the past 4 months, we built a small tool last week - to make collaboration easier for hackathoners and other online collaboration projects!

Quick Start

Go to and create a spreadsheet.  Paste in a bunch of urls in the first column, and add titles to the second column.  copy the path component in the your url and append it to, for example: gets you


We need a way to organize many dynamic documents before and during hackathons.
The shared folder feature in google docs, which is surprisingly unknown to many, comes very close to what we want.  But as every document is opened in edit mode, it soon becomes unusable due to the number of concurrent connections. It is also impossible to sort the items, and we had to use numeric prefix to achieve that.  Remember gopher?
Hackpad is slightly easier for hackathon collaboration with concise authorship coloring, and it also has better formatting compared to vanilla etherpad/etherpad-lite based services.  But when it comes to organizing lots of documents, Hackpad collections isn’t really much better than google doc folders.
So we build this small single-page static web application that reads a list of url from an EtherCalc document, rendering it in a way similar to a google docs folder. If the document supports read-only mode, we use that by default when it is opened by the user, and provide an additional edit link.


Supported document types
  • Google Docs, Presentation, Drawing: view mode by default
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Hackpad
  • EtherCalc
  • … actually just any url that does not forbid iframe embedding via X-Frame-Options
On the 4th column you can add comma-separated values that will be rendered as bootstrap-labels to the entry.  each tag can optionally contain a bootstrap label class name, followed by :.  For example README:important creates a read important label of “README".
Indenting urls in the first column of the spreadsheets with spaces creates subfolders.  Currently only 1 level of folders is supported.



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