I was trying out nodejitsu for a project that is hosted on heroku.  Some quick notes:

  • jitsu log shows latest entry first, unlike what people might expect, so check the timestamp before entering infinite self-doubts about “I’ve fixed this… wtf!"
  • if you bind to different port by default, the env to look for is NODE_ENV == ‘production’.  there’s no PORT or PORT_NODEJS.
  • My start command is generated from LiveScript, and is in .gitignore.  jitsu deploy (actually fstream-npm) will simply ignore it while packing (no jitsu does not do push-deploy yet), regardless of it being git add -f’ed before deployment.  the workaround is to have .npmignore (soon there will be .jitsuignore) as a different set of ignore rules for jitsu packaging.


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